Studio Nish

Studio Nish was created out of a desire to collaborate directly with local Bay Area clients. Having worked in San Francisco with notable design firms such as Gensler, Studios Architecture and the Wiseman Group, I was fortunate to be exposed to projects ranging from hotel interiors to law firms and private residences. From Fairmont Hotels to San Francisco skyscrapers and Sonoma estates, I had the opportunity to get a taste for the vast and richly layered world of interior design.

Born in Japan and having moved halfway around the globe by the time I was 9 years old, different cultures and languages were a thing I was constantly exposed to. From temples to castles and iconic skylines, my visual catalogue was profuse and growing fast. Creating a sense of home in each new city became a necessity, embodying nuances from every place I had been along the way. Cultures were mixed and layered, design elements cross-bred. Design became the mechanism by which to create home each time.

We all forge our sense of place in this way, highlighting our best memories, blending old with new and defining where we belong. It is my utmost pleasure to work with clients in this unique and enduring phase of their lives; creating that thing we call home.