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The Churning Pacific Ocean

The churning Pacific Ocean. I snapped this picture along the Big Sur coastline at the edge of the precipice, hair whipping in the wind. Lively colors, contrasting elements of wild water, airborne sea foam and the steady rock beneath my feet are my first inspirations for the New Year. Feeling energized to do more of what I do: best friend and soul mate to my husband, Mama to my two precious kids and interior designer to my clients.

A recurring theme in my work with clients over the past year has been to create sanctuary in their homes. We’ve been creating new spaces to allow for relaxation and reflection, taking a less is more approach, choosing quality over quantity. Blending elements of nature and architecture for a soothing environment has become a common desire.

As an interior designer, I am frequently analyzing my own spaces, asking the hard questions, such as: “Do I really need another filing cabinet or should I dig out my paper shredder?”, “Do I ever use that chair to sit in or is it just another flat surface?”, “Am I ever going to get a new shade for that awesome vintage lamp I found in Alameda?” Yes, yes, I’m no different than anyone else! Here’s to intentions to brighten and open up our spaces, free ourselves from clutter and realize we’ve got a nice view out that window, actually!

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